Guiding Mobile Robots into the Future

In an Industry 4.0 world with ever-increasing demands and high-performance standards, Accerion’s unique technology stands out in accuracy, scalability and flexibility.

Accerion’s advanced positioning technology provides mobile robots and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) sub-millimeter accuracy without infrastructure, simply using your existing floor as its map.

Triton and Jupiter

Accerion has a new, unique approach to mobile robot navigation. By scanning the existing warehouse or factory floor the systems provide:

• Sub-millimeter accuracy
• Without infrastructure
• Even in dynamic environments

Triton is small, adding high performance to navigation stacks and built for high-volume robot fleets.

Jupiter provides both relative and absolute position, enabling navigation with Jupiter as single localization.

Both systems integrate easily into existing navigation systems.

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Accerion sensors are accurate at the sub-millimeter level.

No infrastructure

Accerion sensors need no infrastructure. Setup is a snap.


Accerion's sensors work expertly in dynamic environments.


Accerion solutions supporting a diverse range of industries

Mobile robots and AGVs are evolving at an exponential rate, and new uses are developed every day. Our technology evolves as our customer needs – and markets – change. Our focus is on logistics and manufacturing, but our technology is universally applicable in other applications.

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Accerion is at the center of the world’s fastest-growing and evolving tech sector. To play in this arena, we anticipate customer needs and add greater functionality to our positioning products. Let’s discuss ways we improve your high-performance operations.

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