Accerion was founded by Willem-Jan Lamers after an epiphany – the global economy was entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  

Today, Accerion makes the world’s first 100% infrastructure-free positioning technology for mobile robots and AGVs. 

To meet the demands of customers in Europe, the U.S., China and India, we’ve doubled our staff and expanded our headquarters in Venlo, Netherlands. Our talented and passionate team of 20+ works hard to tailor capabilities to an evolving market. 

Where are we going from here? Our mission is to take our unique positioning technology to mobile robot and AGV manufacturers all over the world. So, the short answer is, we’re going everywhere, guiding mobile robots into the future.

Meet our team

Vincent Burg


Norman Nieder-Heitmann

Business Developer

Ingrid Henderson

HR Advisor

Talha Ali Arslan

Systems Developer

Ruben Vandenheede

System Engineer

Sam Aleksandrov

Robotics Engineer

Rossiza Gourova

Robotics Engineer

Jordy van Appeven

Robotics Software Engineer

Rick van Osch

Software Engineer

Martijn van Beek

Software Engineer

Anurag Kulkarni

Software Engineer

Demy Kremers

Customer Success Engineer

Joris Verdult

Customer Success Engineer

Joris Veraart


Arash Roomi Zadeh

Computer Vision Engineer

Irfan Mashood Badshah

Customer Success Engineer

Want to know more?

Accerion is at the center of the world’s fastest-growing and evolving tech sector. To play in this arena, we anticipate customer needs and add greater functionality to our positioning products. Let’s discuss ways we improve your high-performance operations.

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