We are a high-performance team, collaborating every day to improve our product line and develop new products.

We are individuals always contributing to the greater good of the company. 

We are high-energy people in love with autonomous mobile robots.

We are problem-solvers looking at challenges from the customer perspective and going one step farther to develop new products based on evolving market needs. 

We know greatness doesn’t always happen between the hours of 9 and 5. We think fast on our feet and are flexible. 

We are intrepid, tech-loving adventurers changing the world of robotics.

Culture and atmosphere

Accerion is at the vanguard of a great technological shift, and our high-performance team is just as unique as our technology.

We see clearly where we’re going and hire people who can take us there.

Our technology makes mobile robots 100% autonomous. We give our team members autonomy as well, letting them explore creative ways to solve problems and develop new products.

We embrace cultural diversity: our staff of 20 represents nine nationalities with people of all ages, experience and backgrounds. Yet Accerion’s corporate culture is all about unity of purpose … talented people excited about being part of a company in breakout mode.

We care about each other as individuals. We conquer challenges and celebrate accomplishments as a whole.

Whether we're working on products or enjoying a team development day, work-life balance is an important aspect of Accerion’s culture.

We work hard. We play hard.

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