Now hiring: Customer Success Engineer

Do you  get excited about cutting edge technology AND the people who use it to build the latest solutions? Do you have a “just do it” personality and attitude? Are you flexible and dedicated? Because this is not your typical 9-to-5 job.

Accerion is a deep-tech company building positioning technology for next-gen autonomous industrial robots. In this environment, we’re not “hiring” people. We’re offering the right personality off-the-chart responsibilities and opportunities in a role that’s crucial to Accerion’s success.

We’re looking for a Customer Success Engineer willing to parachute into customers’ operations around the world, then come back after successful integration projects with vital industry understanding and ideas for new Accerion products.

First and foremost, this is a key position integrating our Accerion technology into clients’ robots:

The basics Customer Success Engineer will be responsible for:

  • integrating the Jupiter and Triton positioning systems into customer’s robots and navigation systems including direct customer support
  • analyzing and resolving technical issues as the crucial customer contact
  • building support and testing automation and systems together with the development team

Those are the job basics …  but there’s so much more. We designed this position for the rare person who is willing to master our technology, then connect with the people who need it.

That ideal candidate must have a sense of adventure, because we have customers all over the world, and you’re going to work with them side-by-side. Then you’re going to bring back what you’ve seen and learned to share with development teams.


  • One crucial aspect of this job will be monitoring both customer needs and industry trends, on the lookout for new market opportunities, then reporting back to our technical staff.
  • The ideal candidates can code with some basic knowledge of programing languages such as C++, Python, Linux and ROS/ROS 2.
  • You’ll work with our R&D team, top-level systems engineers and developers who know the architecture of our systems and how to develop solutions for performance and reliability.
  • You’ll conduct early-stage pilot programs and help build automated operations (plus anything in between) with industry leading tech companies in the industrial robotics market.

The ideal candidate:

  • is an independent worker and a good communicator with a technical mindset
  • has a B.Sc.-level technical degree or higher, preferably in robotics
  • has 2 years or more relevant experience, ideally in robotics or industrial automation
  • thrives in a high-energy, globetrotting environment that requires cross-discipline skills and versatility … a “get ‘er done” mentality
  • aspires to play a crucial role in a fast-growing tech organization where we track progress real-time
  • able to quickly acquire new skills as part of a highly skilled team.

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