Indoor navigation sensor (SLAM)

The pandemic affected markets all over the world but perhaps none more dramatically than E-commerce, where we’ve seen a global shift from retail to online sales and home delivery. Now more than ever, Industry 4.0 companies need to automate – and scale quickly – to keep up with consumer demand and stay ahead of the competition. This explosive market growth accelerates the need to automate logistics operations on all levels.

We have a solution for high-performance mobile robot navigation.

It’s called Triton.

Indoor navigation

Triton is the first 100% infrastructure-free localization sensor, which is seamlessly integrated in Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) navigation stacks and used in high-performance intralogistics operations. Triton is also easily merged with Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV) navigation stacks and used for logistics, manufacturing and other warehouse applications.

Triton positioning system features sub-millimeter accuracy and is flexible and scalable. Perhaps its best feature – particularly for E-commerce applications – is Triton’s ability to work seamlessly in dynamic environments, busy warehouses where robots interact with each other and with humans.

AMR manufacturers use Accerion’s navigation sensor to build the highly dynamic and accurate positioning robots for their customers, the end-users automating warehouse operations.

How does Triton localize mobile robots in the environment?

Triton’s indoor navigation sensor scans the warehouse floor and creates “signatures.” These signatures are sent to the robot navigation stack, which the mobile robot uses to drive 100% autonomously.

Consisting of an optical sensor, an integrated processing unit, and Accerion’s algorithms, Triton scans the floor surface beneath robots and uses it as a reference. Triton uses the floor surface as a map to provide coordinates to the navigation system so robots can localize themselves in the environment. Your floor is literally Triton’s map, so there is no infrastructure required. No magnetic tape, no laser reflectors, no QR codes.

Triton sets a new standard in robot positioning for manufacturers and logistics operators who demand the highest degree of flexibility, adaptability, speed and precision and who want to create the warehouse of the future.


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