Accerion sees the greenhouse logistics market as yet another industry where our autonomous positioning sensors will increase margins dramatically.

This is a huge domestic opportunity we can enter quickly, because the Netherlands is the No. 2 food exporting country in the world due to its advanced greenhouse technology. The U.S. market is also growing rapidly. 

Greenhouses are clean, highly efficient factories producing fruit and vegetables. The technology is amazingly productive, but finding labor to pick and pack is problematic in 2020. 

Accerion can help producers reduce their labor requirements. Automated guided vehicles are often used to transport produce to packing stations. Conventional positioning technology requires adding tracks and other infrastructure, reducing the growing space.

Conventional technology is also limited by intrusive steel greenhouse support frames and a constantly changing environment as crops rotate and support systems are repositioned.

Accerion’s sensors use the floor of the greenhouse to create virtual markers and send those coordinates to navigation systems, making them easily programmable to avoid obstacles, to change tasks and to scale up operations quickly when required.