There are an infinite number of applications and new markets where Accerion technology can make a positive impact. 

Take the entertainment market.  

Theme parks are no longer just carousels and Ferris wheels. Modern-day theme parks increasingly are Meccas of high-tech including VR-enhanced rides.

Margins are more than sufficient to justify adopting the latest localization technology including autonomous vehicles and robots. 

Yet most theme parks still move guests around using 20th century mechanical and analog technology.  

So, what if advanced optical technology could replace expensive, unreliable physical tracks or mechanical lines? 

Accerion’s optical sensors can be integrated into any conveyance and programmed using Accerion’s line-following technology to go through, for example, a theme ride route time after time, with no risk of collision. 

Want to add a few minutes to the ride or change the theme completely? No problem. Reprogram Jupiter with a joystick and it reroutes the conveyance.

Because everything can be reprogrammed quickly and easily, rides do not have to be closed long-term for renovation or mechanical issues. 

At the core of all Accerion products are flexibility, speed and a high degree of precision. These are all necessary to create a safe environment, always top of mind for theme park operators.