Just like logistics operators, manufacturers need speed, flexibility and the greatest possible accuracy. That’s where Accerion products come in (again). 

In manufacturing, there are fixed processes that simply must run consistently and predictably every day.

At the same time, manufacturing lines need to be flexible as new models and products are added. Accerion products streamline the automation system, allowing manufacturers to ramp up production quickly. 

Accerion’s advanced optical devices are integrated with compatible navigation systems. Once integrated, users simply use a joystick to “teach” the route, then replay the route, following the line quickly and predictably until it’s changed. 

Watch the video below to see how our flagship sensor Jupiter can be easily and quickly programmed to dock with our client’s docking station. 

Accerion products are versatile and offer several navigation modes.



Operators can easily re-program the route for an entire robot fleet without changing existing infrastructure, because the floor is the map! As manufacturers add product lines, they simply add more Accerion-powered vehicles to their fleet.