Process Industry

As Manufacturing 4.0 emerges across the globe, we discover potential new applications for our Accerion technology every day.

The way we can most dramatically affect social change is through our contribution to worker safety. 

Even in the 21st century, workers risk their lives in refineries, foundries, power plants and steel mills. The most dangerous jobs are the maintenance roles essential to keeping all those facilities running smoothly. 

We’re assessing how our Accerion technology can assist or even replace – for example – workers cleaning and inspecting vessels and pipes in chemical plants and refineries. 

Accerion can power the robots who assist, or even relieve, the people who now have to physically access dangerous and toxic areas. 

In some of the most hazardous workplaces, the need for external positioning infrastructure that has to be repaired or repositioned prohibits robotization or negates the value. 

Accerion technology was essential in navigating a vessel-cleaning robot used for BASF and DOW’s Smart Tooling Interreg Project.