Accerion and Kumatech Shine Bright at LogiMAT 2023 – showcasing high performance and fast deployment

Accerion is excited to share the success story of our recent participation at LogiMAT, the key annual trade show for intralogistics and automation. Together with our esteemed partner, Kumatech, we turned heads with a showcase of cutting-edge precision technology that left a mark on the industry landscape.

At our joint booth, visitors witnessed firsthand the seamless integration of Accerion’s state-of-the-art positioning solutions in Kumatech’s innovative logistics systems. The synergy of our technologies demonstrated a new era of precision and efficiency in intralogistics. Visitors agreed that delivering mm-level precision in 24/7 operations, with just 2 days commissioning is truly game-changing.

The success at LogiMAT stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit between Accerion and Kumatech. We extend our gratitude to everyone who visited our booth and joined the discussions.

Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations and advancements as Accerion and Kumatech continue to lead the way in precision innovation.