Accerion Teams Up with SICK to combine Triton with SLAM

We’re really excited about LiDAR SLAM as a technology, and for the past year we’ve been working with @SICK to combine their LiDAR-LOC technology with Triton’s powerful localization technology.

Taking the best of both worlds, this combined solution brings AMRS and AGVS into operation very fast. 💨

The combination of Accerion’s Triton and SICK’s LiDAR-LOC leads to:

  • great localization accuracy e.g., for docking
  • fast initialization
  • easy localization, even in large maps or dynamic environments
  • solution for driving on ramps and long corridors


We’ve done the research. We’ve done the testing. We can’t think of a localization application too hard to solve with our joint solution. 🦾

Currently accepting challenges. Contact if you want to know more.