natural agv sensor
natural agv sensor

Accerion’s Triton wins coveted RBR50 Innovation Award in Product Introduction

We’re thrilled to announce Triton, our positioning technology for mobile robots, won Robotics Business Review’s RBR50 Innovation Award for Production Introduction!

According to RBR, “an emphasis on innovation led to 27 RBR50 winners being recognized for their introduction of new products, services and technologies,” including our Triton, which we launched in September 2020.

The Triton launch generated 90 leads and 20 new customers in five new countries.

Triton’s features:

  • Infrastructure-free: Triton scans the surface of the floor, so there is no need for magnetic tape, induction lines or QR markers.
  • Sub-millimeter accuracy: Triton uses absolute positioning and is accurate at the sub-mm level.
  • Works seamlessly in dynamic environments: Triton is fast and accurate, offering flexibility in dynamic operating environments.

“The RBR50 Innovation Awards recognizes and celebrates forward-thinking companies and the original, impactful solutions they have created.”

We’re in good company with 49 leading global companies who show “innovation leadership” and are accelerating growth in the robotics sector, including BMW Group/IDEALworks, FedEx/PlusOne, Boston Dynamics, GreyOrange, Material Handling Systems, NASA, and 6 River Systems.

Mike Oitzman’s analysis:

The Accerion Triton sensor is unique in the market and delivers a necessary element of localization without the need to add infrastructure to the operating environment for AMRs and AGVs. Without Triton, most devices are only capable of centimeter accuracy, but Triton delivers sub-millimeter accuracy throughout the facility.

The Triton is a plug-and play replacement for line guiding and magnetic wire following sensors. This enables AGVs that were previously guided by paint or magnetic stripes on the floor to become virtual line followers.

The Triton system consists of a camera, lighting, CPU, software and database embedded in one sensor measuring 110 x 110 x 40 mm with two connections: power supply and signal exchange. Triton holds CE, FCC and RoHS certifications.

Triton enables robot designers to have a number of navigation options available to them depending on the use case and the economic constraints of the application. – Mike Oitzman  

Accerion offers a unique solution for high-performance logistics operations, including Goods to Person.

And it appears Triton is the right technology at precisely the right time with Goods to Person logistics entering an explosive growth phase. Gartner predicts demand for robotic Goods-to-Person systems will quadruple through 2023.

Thanks to Robotics Business Review for the honor and congratulations to all the winners!