Partner Showcase: Eurotec, Accerion combine technology for high-performance Lowpad

Eurotec, a member of Eurogroep, is the driving force behind the Lowpad, a one-of-a-kind autonomous mobile robot that optimizes internal logistics and distribution processes in a wide range of companies.

But not just any AMR.

Eurotec’s Lowpad is the lowest autonomous mobile robot on the market. The low clearance means the Lowpad perfectly fits under equipment, allowing easy movement and transport.

Since different models are available and can work in conjunction with each other, the Lowpad is suitable for many applications where product variability, delivery time and efficiency are key.

Combined with Accerion’s unique localization solution Triton, the Lowpad provides high accuracy pickup and placement of roll containers, trolleys, racks and special equipment.

Since the end of 2018, Accerion and Eurotec have combined efforts and technology to provide custom logistics solutions to industrial innovators far and wide.

The Lowpad just won the “double” Logistica 2019 award – from both the panel and the audience. We’re proud to combine our technology with Eurotec’s to create an award-winning, fully autonomous mobile robot.