Precision meets Robustness – Accerion releases Continuous Mapping

After more than a year of intense validation, Accerion proudly unveils its latest technological marvel – Continuous Mapping. Representing a significant leap in robustness, this release promises to take the performance of Triton into the future. Continuous Mapping provides real-time environmental updates of the floor surface map. This empowers robots to navigate dynamic spaces with unparalleled resilience.

Continuous Mapping is more than an advancement; it’s a strategic evolution taking our powerful texture vision technology to the next level of robustness. Businesses can anticipate the precision and robustness now continually up-to-date maps. Embrace the future of automation with Accerion and witness the power of Triton with Continuous Mapping. Join us as we embark on this journey towards making mobile robots ready for the next industrial era.

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