With Triton onboard KUMATECH AGVs, companies can accelerate production automation plans

Dutch Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) manufacturer KUMATECH and Accerion have built a great partnership, helping Industry 4.0 companies accelerate production automation plans.


Founded in 2017 by Kuunders Technoworks, KUMATECH initially developed and manufactured machines for sheet metal identification.

Then, more recently, they saw the need to make internal logistics easier for operators and added a line of affordable AGVs. These AGVs are specially designed for transport pallets, racks and trolleys for the manufacturing industry.


How did KUMATECH and Accerion come together?

KUMATECH was searching for a simple and cost-effective solution for a line-following process for AGVs. Because production environments change regularly, easy implementation – without making architectural adjustments – was a key factor.

So, they contacted Accerion.

Accerion offered the early version of the Triton localization sensor, and, together, KUMATECH and Accerion developed a virtual line-following concept for quick AGV system deployment.

Industry 4.0

Characteristics of an Industry 4.0 operation include flexible machines, smaller series production and track and trace of products at various production steps, which are linked to the Enterprise Resource Planning system. KUMATECH’s AGVs facilitate this Industry 4.0 operation nicely.

The floor is your map

KUMATECH fully developed their own line of AGVs specifically for process automation between the different steps in a production flow.

The objective was a quick system setup, which is where Accerion comes in with Triton localization sensors. This technology makes all the difference.

With Triton, the AGV follows a virtual line by scanning the floor. Triton offers 1-2 mm vehicle positioning repeat accuracy without any infrastructure.

Also, disturbances from a changing environment do not affect the Triton localization performance, which is a hurdle when using Lidar SLAM.

Throughout 2020, the Accerion engineering team continued to refine and prepare to launch Triton. During that time, the practical input from launching customer KUMATECH was valuable.

“I’m very impressed by the KUMATECH team. They saw an opportunity in their market and started developing, keeping the solution cleverly simple.”

“Using virtual line-following, they have built a robust suite of AGVs that is set up in no time and provides immediate value to customers,” said Vincent Burg, CEO of Accerion.


In August 2021, KUMATECH has 10 operational sites using their AGVs, all using the Triton localization technology as the cost-effective and accurate solution required for the half-day system-setup at KUMATECH customer locations.

Now, when you buy a Tractor Tom from KUMATECH, it comes equipped with Triton, ready to guide your AGV autonomously throughout production and warehouse, moving pallets and rolling equipment easily with sub-millimeter localization input for accurate navigation and positioning.

Triton is the world’s first sub-millimeter-accurate and 100% infrastructure-free localization system for AGVs.

It requires no infrastructure, such as wires embedded in the floor, magnetic tape, QR markers or laser reflectors, making setup and route changes fast and easy.

Tractor Tom features:

✔️ Robust, modular vehicles

✔️ 1000 kg payload capacity

✔️ The latest Accerion sensor technology

✔️ Safety Scanner

✔️ Automatic charging

The Tractor Tom is already an affordable solution, and Triton adds the finishing touch: virtual line-following with accurate navigation and positioning required for fast system setup.

Two companies came together to deliver a superior product.

This partnership shows the pandemic never stopped innovation … or that legendary Dutch collaboration.