Positioning sensor

Accerion has developed the world’s first 100% infrastructure-free, sub-millimeter accuracy positioning sensor for mobile robots and automated guided vehicles.

For the autonomous mobile robot sector, easily and accurately determining the robot’s location – independent from the environment – is essential, specifically in warehouse logistics and production automation.

Our advanced system enables mobile robots and other industrial vehicles to perform precision work autonomously, even in dynamic environments.

How does it work?

Consisting of an optical positioning sensor, an integrated processing unit and Accerion’s highly advanced algorithms, Jupiter and Triton scan the warehouse or factory floor beneath robots and use it as a reference. The sensors use the floor surface as a map to provide coordinates to the navigation system so robots can localize themselves in the environment.


positioning sensor


Advanced positioning sensor

To keep up with market demand and maintain competitive advantage, warehouse managers and logistics operators rely heavily on high-performance automated guided vehicles and mobile robots, products that work consistently at high levels of speed and accuracy.

Accerion technology turns mobile robots into high performance, highly accurate and robust autonomous vehicles without infrastructure.

Our positioning sensor looks directly at the floor and measures pure displacement, allowing mobile robots and AGVs to move with sub-millimeter accuracy and at greater speeds.

Accerion technology makes high-performance navigation tasks such as docking and line-following easy for logistics and manufacturing operators. Setting up routes – and changing them – is a snap. Users map the route with a joystick, then simply hit “replay.”

Localization sensor

Since 2015, Accerion has been perfecting localization sensor technology for mobile robots and AGVs. Our mission is to make autonomous mobile robots 100% independent from infrastructure and operate with high precision in a flexible, dynamic environment.

navigation sensor

Meet Jupiter and Triton

Jupiter is designed for industrial AGVs, mobile robots and forklifts and can be used as a stand-alone positioning solution or combined with other sensor data.

Triton packs the sub-millimeter accuracy of Jupiter into a small package. Built as a high-accuracy add-on for industrial AGVS, Triton focuses on absolute positioning, adding high performance to navigation stacks. Triton is economical and can be easily be integrated into an entire AGV or mobile robot fleet for large warehouse and logistics operations.

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