Positioning systems and high accuracy positioning

In an Industry 4.0 world with ever-increasing demands and high-performance standards, Accerion’s unique technology stands out with high accuracy positioning, scalability and flexibility.

Since 2015, Accerion has provided positioning technology and systems for the autonomous mobile robot sector. Accerion developed the first 100% infrastructure-free, sub-millimeter accuracy positioning systems for mobile robots and automated guided vehicles.

Current applications focus on the warehousing and manufacturing sectors, but Accerion’s technology is universally applicable. Our goal is to make mobile robots and automated guided vehicles 100% autonomous and independent from infrastructure and operate with high precision in a flexible, dynamic environment.

high accuracy positioning


Our positioning technology operates with the help of a sensor. This positioning sensor is able to easily and accurately determine the location of the autonomous mobile robot. This is essential in specifically warehouse logistics and production automation. Our advanced positioning sensor enables mobile robots and other industrial vehicles to perform precision work autonomously.

Our positioning sensor looks directly at the floor and measures pure displacement, allowing mobile robots and AGVs to move with sub-millimeter accuracy and at greater speeds.


positioning technology



Accerion is disrupting a disruptive industry by changing the mobile robot game: our indoor robot positioning systems turn mobile robots into high performance, highly accurate and robust autonomous vehicles. Without infrastructure.

How’s that work?

Our indoor positioning systems, processing unit and advanced algorithms integrate with navigation stacks of mobile robots.

The positioning sensors scan the warehouse floor and use its unique “signatures” as a reference. The coordinates are sent to the navigation system so mobile robots and AGVs can localize themselves in the environment.

Accerion technology guides robots precisely in any indoor environment. There’s no additional infrastructure – no lasers, no magnetic tape, no induction lines.


Since 2015, Accerion has been perfecting positioning technology for mobile robots and AGVs. Our mission is to make autonomous mobile robots 100% independent from infrastructure and operate with high precision in a flexible, dynamic environment. One of the fastest-growing markets is Goods to Person. Accerion’s positioning sensor is perfect for this market and provides various warehouses with an ultimate sub-millimeter accurate AGV sensor.


Meet Triton

The reality of the logistics business is that margins are thin, and operators are always looking for an edge … which is where Triton comes in.

Triton’s positioning technology was designed and built to automate warehouse and logistics operations. This robot positioning system compact, measuring only 4 cm in height, and its sub-millimeter accuracy enables high performance automation solutions such as high-precision docking, virtual line-following and seamless navigation in dynamic environments.

Triton is the perfect add-on for AGVs and mobile robots. Because Triton is economical, it can be easily integrated into an entire fleet of robots for large warehouse and logistics operations. Just as important, Triton is easy to install and maintain. This adds a whole new level of flexibility, saving time and money … and giving logistics operators a distinct competitive advantage.

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