Jupiter was Accerion’s flagship product in 2016 and remains a proven, scalable solution for automated guided vehicle (AGV) and forklift navigation in high-performance logistics operations.

What is Jupiter? What problem does it solve?

To keep up with market demands and maintain competitive advantage, warehouse managers and logistics operators rely on high-performance AGVs and mobile robots, products that work consistently at high levels of speed and accuracy.

Current positioning systems are limited by substandard accuracy, slow speeds and the burden of infrastructure.

Jupiter …
• needs no infrastructure
• provides positioning data with sub-millimeter precision
• uses both relative and absolute positioning
• works expertly in dynamic environments
• integrates easily and directly into existing navigation stacks

Jupiter’s sub-millimeter precision enables it to work expertly in dynamic environments, which means you can rely on it day after day.


Jupiter uses relative and absolute positioning and is accurate at the sub-millimeter level.

Dynamic Environments

Jupiter is fast, precise and works expertly in dynamic environments.


Jupiter scans the surface of the floor. No infrastructure is needed, making setup a snap.

Want to see Jupiter in action?

We observe social distancing measures during these unprecedented times, but this also allows us to do more virtual demos than ever before! Schedule a virtual demo with us, and we'll show you Jupiter in action from our new office demo center.


Successful use cases

Our customers are autonomous robot manufacturers who, in turn, sell robots to the end user, mainly in logistics and production automation.

Jupiter is designed for industrial AGVs, mobile robots and forklifts as a stand-alone positioning solution, or it can be combined with other sensor data.

Successful use cases include pallet storage and retrieval, block stacking, narrow aisle trucks, docking and long-distance or large-area travel, swarm robots and virtual line following.

"At BEC we implement mobile robots for high-end applications, we were pleasantly surprised by the repetitive localisation accuracy of the Jupiter sensor for dynamic environments and the outstanding support during development."


"Accerion raises the bar for precise robot positioning"

- Clearpath

"Our long standing relationship with Accerion is evident that their technology is reliable and exceeds Industry Standards. Their Jupiter sensor has remarkable accuracy and we are very pleased."

- Srinar

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