Triton as Standalone Localization System

Replacing navigation infrastructure by virtual lines or grid.

In manufacturing and e-commerce, many mobile robot solutions are based on fixed line or grid-based navigation. This is often achieved with QR tags, optical or magnetic tape, or reflectors. These systems depend on this external infrastructure, which is expensive to setup, change and maintain.

Accerion’s Triton offers a replacement solution that is fast to deploy, easy to change and robust. Triton can be used as a complete standalone localization solution to follow virtual lines or a virtual grid.

  • Fast deployment: commission entire factories in 2-3 days(!)
  • Easy changes: change routing and layout without external experts
  • Robust: recovery, automatic maintenance and performance monitoring


As standalone system, this can be used in fenced applications such as Sortation or Goods-to-Person, or complimented by a separate safely system, like a low-cost safety lidar-based solution, for AGV and pallet transport.

The routes and grid can be designed completely free, with up to 40km in each standard Triton (custom solutions available on request).

In operation, each Triton continually updates the internal map, and monitors to ensure optimal performance of the vehicle.

How can Triton bring value to your business?

Faster Commissioning – Start Operation quickly
Flexible – Easily change layout to adapt to business needs
Robust Localization – Higher Throughput & Higher Uptime