Tobias Moll gives us the ins and outs of his internship at Accerion.

Today we’re zooming in at a few application possibilities of our technology with Tobias Moll, who’s studying applied computer science and has followed an internship with us.

Tobi has been with Accerion for six months, from March to August. During this time, he was responsible for a few important projects, one of them is the development of ‘fully automated learning’.. “From the first day, I jumped in with both feet. I was immediately involved in testing the hardware of the sensor, which was really cool. When this was done, I sat down with Willem-Jan and we talked about the possible topics that would be interesting for me to work on. It was really nice to be able to choose my own assignment and not be forced into a specific topic. It was up for discussion and anything was possible. Accerion is really open for new ideas.”

‘Eventually the project came down to a ‘smart indoor mapping system’, which is also the subject of my thesis. For Accerion the goal was to improve the usage of the sensor, for me I wanted to develop a mobile robot system. The project consists of three main topics:
– Raspberry pi (to detect special markers on the floor I used computer vision with a raspberry pi)
– Lidar sensor (combination with Jupiter to avoid obstacles and make the system safer)
– Developing mobile application so the system can drive around autonomously and map the environment.

The goal was to improve the usage of the sensor. For that to happen we had to make markers on the floor and create a system that drives autonomously while mapping the environment.’

“Being flexible is one of the most important things I learned”
‘I found my internship to be really cool. I chose this specific one because I didn’t want to be bound to one topic. Choosing for a start-up means you can experience everything and you’re not limited to your assignment. You see everything from finance, to customers to the technology. You’re involved in everything.
I learned a lot in this period. But being flexible is the most important one. By working here, I learned that a lot more is possible than you think. Even when it looks like a huge job, no matter how complicated it seems, you cán develop it. Just start. Do it in small pieces and write your tasks down. Also, interacting with customers thought me a lot about communication. It important to not only be good at your job but at other elements as well.

Look around and leave your island from time to time.’

“Tobi showed to be a very valuable addition to our team. He proved to be able to tackle all kinds of challenges, both related to his thesis as well as many others. His flexibility, curiosity, ability to interact with all types of stakeholders, and broad knowledge about robotics and related systems will prove to be valuable skills during his future career. Tobi is a great guy on both the technical and personal level!” – Willem-Jan Lamers

“Working with Tobi was an absolute pleasure. He was part of the team from day 1. His always positive approach and clever problem solving made him a great guy to work with.” – Vincent Burg