We’re excited to partner with KUKA, top industrial robot manufacturer

“With the Triton sensor technology and scanning the floor surface for mapping, Accerion offers a fantastic solution, which meets the requirements of a modern AGV positioning solution. We were much surprised to see the maturity and robustness of the solution as well as its ease of integration in our AGVs. Triton is a standard option in KUKA AGVs.” – KUKA

Triton, our newest positioning system for AGVs, will soon be implemented in KUKA’s omniMove AGV, providing positioning applications formerly realized with optical line guidance.

Our mature, robust solution as well as its ease in integration are all key benefits when onboard KUKA’s omniMove.

They make the robot. We make the positioning technology to guide the robot platform.

Together, we’re accelerating industrial automation, guiding mobile robots into the future.