Partner Showcase: Srinar Electronics is Accerion’s trusted partner in India

We know our positioning technology solves a lot of challenges for customers in manufacturing and logistics. What we’ve learned is we are stronger and can offer a host of solutions if we combine efforts with our partners.

“Prasanth Parthasarathy and his team are our ‘boots on the ground’ technical experts in India.”

Srinar Electronics is Accerion’s trusted partner in India. Srinar developed their own navigation and vehicle control system for their AGVs using proprietary SLAM algorithms. When paired with Accerion’s unique positioning technology, we provide a powerful stack of solutions for industrial innovation customers in India.

“We’ve been working with Srinar Electronics for a long time to further develop our products based on Srinar’s custom software platforms for navigation control. They have proven to be our most skilled partners in India, offering local integration of our Jupiter and new Triton systems, and we’re excited to expand rapidly together,” said Accerion Managing Director Vincent Burg.